Why do I need a convector?

“We roll everything with a warm floor. Why do I need convectors?!”

This is a fundamental question in our niche, the answer to which is quite simple.

Warm floors, like convectors, are used for heating rooms and can be both the main and additional source of heat. But the main difference between the two is that convectors are able to cut off cold air and prevent the formation of condensation on panoramic windows, a trend for which is only growing.

Someone will say that you can strengthen the warm floor under the window. You can. However, this, firstly, already raises the cost of such a system, and secondly, with large windows, their power is still not enough. In such cases, we recommend leaving the warm floor for the main heating and installing a convector to create the effect of a thermal curtain in front of the panoramic windows.

Of course, there are many nuances. However, the main thing is that a warm floor and a convector are different heating systems that can complement each other, especially in large areas with panoramic windows.



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