Warranty terms:

  • steel case with powder coating – 10 years;
  • fiberglass body (for the first time in Ukraine) – 50 years;
  • housing made of technical stainless steel (for dry rooms) – 2 years;
  • housing made of food-grade stainless steel – 25 years;
  • aluminum body – 25 years;
  • copper-aluminum heat exchanger – 10 years;
  • tangential fan – 5 years;
  • shut-off fittings – 2 years;
  • tangential fan transformer – 5 years;
  • thermostat – 5 years;
  • thermostatic set – 5 years;
  • oak lattice made of hard wood species – 1 year;
  • aluminum grill – 5 years.

The warranty is valid on the condition that the equipment is installed in compliance with the current SNiP, DBN, as well as prescriptions and installation instructions, which must be performed exclusively by specialists who have licenses for plumbing and electrical installation work.

The warranty becomes invalid in case of:

  • improper installation or commissioning;
  • making structural changes to the product by the user;
  • improper operation, careless handling;
  • use of low-quality or inappropriate spare parts, consumables;
  • connecting equipment to communications and systems that does not meet GOST, DSTU, SNiP, DBN requirements;
  • use of energy and coolants that do not meet GOST, DSTU, SNiP, DBN requirements;
  • natural phenomena, natural disasters, fires, etc., which caused the failure or damage of the heating device;
  • getting into the product foreign objects, substances, liquids, animals, etc.

The manufacturer is not responsible for damage caused by improper handling of the product or violation of operating conditions.

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