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Floor convector

— a heating device that heats the room with the help of a coolant. This happens with the help of convection, a process in which air flows change: heated rises up, and cold takes its place.

The thermal efficiency of the convector is determined by the temperature of the coolant, the size of the heat exchanger and the type of convection, which is natural and forced. With natural convection, the movement of air occurs according to the laws of physics — cold air descends into the convector, heats up there, and already warm air rises. This type of convectors is cheaper, easier to install, but their thermal efficiency is not very high and in most cases it is used as additional heating.

With forced convection, there is a tangential fan in the convector, which forcibly drives cold air through the heat exchanger and blows warm air upwards. Such convectors are more expensive, require the laying of electrical communications to the convector and the installation of a control module. However, such convectors are much more efficient and can heat large areas with smaller dimensions.

Fancoil Convectors

We offer a wide selection of convectors for heating with panoramic windows

Special order

There are many options of non-standard models to satisfy any desire of the customer. We also have a range of special convectors with non-standard solutions.

In particular, it is possible to manufacture floor convectors of angular, radius, trapezoidal shape. It is also possible to order a convector of individual sizes and configurations.

Additional equipment

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Сервісний центр конвекторів Fancoil-Service


We have made sure that you can use our products for a long time and with pleasure. For this purpose, we have created the first and only Fansoil-Service service center in Ukraine, which will save you from the need to look for a master in case of any problems with equipment not only of our trademark,
but also other manufacturers.

The services of our certified service center Fansoil-Service include:
• Warranty service
• Service
• Replacement of heating equipment

If you have any problems, call Fansoil-Service and our specialists will definitely help you.

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