Convector installation requirements

Вимоги до монтажу конвектора Fancoil

To ensure the correct operation of the device, you should remember that:

1. The convector fan with forced convection must be located on the side of the device away from the window.
2. Use rigid or flexible piping, as well as shut-off or thermostatic valves, to supply and drain the heat carrier.
3. The installation position of the convector is horizontal.
4. The depth of the installation niche should ensure the correct installation of the decorative grid and sufficient convection in the heat exchanger.
5. The device must protrude or be below the floor level by no more than 1 mm.
6. The dimensions of the niche in the floor: width = (width of the convector, mm) + (distance for planting 10-15 mm); depth = (height of the convector) + (planting distance 10-15 mm).

Stages of installation of the convector

Lay the coolant pipes and electric cable according to the installation diagram and fill the floor taking into account the niche for the installation device

Install and level the device with the help of adjustment bolts and fix it with the help of mounting dowels and adjustment fasteners

Seal the space between the device and the niche with an insulating sealant, paying special attention to the area under the housing

Mount the finished floor and connect the coolant and electric cable

The decorative frame is recommended for a floor covering made of parquet, parquet board or laminate to cover the expansion joint between the covering and the convector body

Turn on the device and cover it with a decorative grid

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