electric convectors

Electric convector

An even more powerful convector

The electric convector is represented by an in-floor model with dimensions: 90x230x1000/1500 and an aluminum grid included. There are two lengths in the dimensional grid: 1000 mm and 1500 mm, each of which corresponds to two capacities. So, the 1st model has a power of 0.5 kW and 1 kW, and the second – 1.5 kW and 2 kW, respectively.

At the same time, each heating element that is inside has 2 filaments, which allows it to work at half power. That is, if it is 500 W, then you can turn on 250 W or the full power of 500 W. For 1 kW, it is 500 and 1000 W, respectively, and so on. This can be done using the switch on the control unit, which in turn hides the 24V power supply unit and the control board.

At the same time, the maximum surface heating temperature reaches no more than 80°C, which can be adjusted.

Basically, the electric convector is made for installation in the floor. However, it is also possible to make above-floor and wall models. You can find out more about this from the manager by filling out an application.

Electric convectors

Внутрішньопідлоговий електричний конвектор FCF.EL

FCF.EL convectors

Heating element: electric
Grill: included
Dimensions WxH: 90×230

1000 mm500 W
1000 mm1000 W
1500 mm1500 W
1500 mm2000 W



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