Control devices

Reducing heating costs

Convector control devices with forced convection

Such in-floor convectors are more complex in terms of the mechanism of their work, because it works together with a tangential fan. Thanks to it, the power of the built-in device increases fourfold. Therefore, in addition to the convector itself, the fan and the decorative grill, the mandatory components that ensure the operation of such a device include a power supply unit and a thermostat.

The power supply unit is necessary for the fan to work. Strictly speaking, it is about converting standard 220V into the voltage of tangential fans – 24V. But to control the operation of the fan, you need a thermostat. It sets the comfortable temperature of the room, and with the help of its built-in meter, it understands what needs to be done: reduce or increase the speed of the fan, or turn it off altogether. And after that sends a signal to the fan, which already has a built-in controller. And the most important thing is that it happens without your participation in automatic mode.

There are also more complex convector control schemes that include regulation of the coolant flow. They require the presence of thermostatic valves and thermal actuators/thermal heads. You can discuss all these details with the manager and choose the most optimal option for you.

Control devices

Термостати для підлогових конвекторів Fancoil


The thermostat is used to control floor convectors and acts as a controller. It determines the temperature in the mixture and compares it with the set one. If there is a difference between them, the thermostat sends a signal to the fan or thermal drive, increasing or decreasing the revolutions or the amount of coolant.

In our assortment there are several thermostats that can regulate the operation of the floor convector. Fancoil and Siemens thermostats are used for water models, and Fantini Cosmi for electric ones.

Блоки живлення для вентиляторів Fancoil

Power supplies

Power supply units are necessary for the correct operation of fans and thermal drives. Their task is to transform 220V AC into the necessary 24V DC.

We use MeanWell power supply units of the HDR series of different capacities. The more fans and thermal drives, the more powerful the power supply unit.

Термостатичні клапани та термоприводи HERZ для конвекторів Fancoil

Connection elements

The connection elements are necessary for the correct connection of the heat exchanger to the system. For this, we recommend using angle thermostatic or shut-off valves, as well as flexible corrugated stainless steel hoses. The remaining elements, in particular, thermal actuators and thermostatic heads, are necessary to regulate the flow itself.

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