Floor-mounted convectors

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Floor-mounted convector FCN

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The maximum temperature of the coolant + 90°C; test pressure of 1.6 MPa; operating pressure of 1.0 MPa.
Copper-aluminum heat exchanger – 1 pc.
Dimensions of the convector: width b = 180 mm; height h = 250 mm; length l = 1000-2000 mm (at the request of the customer it is possible to manufacture a convector of non-standard length in steps of 250 mm).

convector models FCN

Floor-mounted convector

Floor-mounted convector

Floor-mounted convector

Floor-mounted convector


Floor-mounted convectors

Almost the only condition for installing a floor convector is sufficient floor screed for a niche. But what if, in technical terms, it is impossible to make a niche in the floor or even in the wall?

Then you should pay attention to another type of Fancoil™ convectors, which is just the case for such cases. Floor convectors are no worse than indoor convectors – they also perfectly heat the room and perfectly perform the aesthetic part, because the choice of design solution is limited only by your imagination.

So don’t despair if your floors or walls can’t «take in» more concealed convector models. The Ukrainian company Fancoil takes care of its customers and has many difficulties.

Floor convectors are a great solution for many rooms, you will not be disappointed!

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