Installation requirements of the convector and its installation stages

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If to provide the normal functioning of device it follows to execute next requirements:

  1. The forced-convection convector fan must be located on the side of device, remote from a window. It will allow to warn wet windows and origin on them of condensation
  2. For supply and drainage of coolant-moderator (water) use the hard knot of connection or flexible hoses.
  3. Assembling position of convectors is horizontal.
  4. The depth of the installation niche must ensure the correct installation of the grate and sufficient convection in the coolant. The device should protrude or be below the floor level is not more than 1 mm.
  5. The size of the niche in the floor needs to take into account the free space of 10-15 mm from the height and width of the convectors.

Installation of the convector (in a dry room)


1. To build a supply of coolant-moderator and tlectrocable ( for models with tangential ventilator) according to the arrangement.

Схема монтажа конвектора Fancoil

2. Fill the floor (with consideration of the channel under installable device).

Схема монтажа конвектора Fancoil

3. Install the device in the channel to level the horizon by using the adjusting bolts.

Схема монтажа конвектора Fancoil

4. Fasten the appliance in the recess to isolate and seal a space between the device and the channel insulating sealing material.

Схема монтажа конвектора Fancoil

5. Mount the finished floor.


6. To connect a supply of coolant-moderator of and electric cable.


7. Seal the cracks with silicone sealant or finishing sealing material.

Схема монтажа конвектора Fancoil

8. Start the device and close it with a decorative grate.

Installation of the convector (in a room with high humidity)

For editing in apartments with an increase humidity of air devices are equipped by the union coupling for taking of condensate. Produce the actions marked higher and connect to the union coupling in the underbody of corps drainage pipeline, through that a runback or water that got to the corps will be taken.

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