Non-standard products

The Ukrainian company Fancoil always cares about its customers. Therefore, in addition to the standard of our products, we have provided many variants of unusual orders that you may need.

It often happens when our client does not fit the conventional dimensions of the convector (width b – 230-380 mm, depth h – 65-390 mm, length l – 1000-3000 mm). In this case, our specialists go to your facility, make measurements and then make the convector of the sizes you need.

Heat exchangers and tangential fans
By our standards, the convectors are equipped with 1 copper-aluminum heat exchanger and 1 fan per meter running in convectors with forced convection. But there may be more.

Non-standard indoor floor convector FancoilNon-standard indoor floor convector FancoilNon-standard indoor floor convector Fancoil

Our clients are often asked to make custom-built indoor floor convectors. So, for example, we make them angular, joyful, and Z- and U-shaped.

Use of supply air
Fancoil™ also produces convectors using supply air. This convector has an outlet through which air enters the tangential fan. With this fan you can use the fresh air from the outside, and the built-in cleaning filter will make it clean.

Type of fan
In the Fancoil™ convector characteristics, you will see that they have tangential fans installed. But there is another type that we use, radial. They collect air from the heat exchanger, forcing it upwards, while tangential ones – simply collecting cold air from the floor and supplying it to the heat exchanger.

If you need to make the right decision when choosing a manufacturer, you should pay attention to Fancoil™ products, as our experts will help you choose the heating system according to your requirements and needs.

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