The Fancoil™ convector model features you may have encountered the concept of convection.

Convection Fancoil

To put it simply, that convection is a heat transfer, the basis of which is the circulation of air flows in the room. What it is? – you ask.

According to the laws of physics, the cold air is below. Warming up, the woog becomes lighter and rises up, displacing the already cooler and heavier air back down. And it happens all the time.

And here it should be mentioned that convection can be natural and forced. The first type of heat transfer is based on the fact that the cycle of air occurs independently, and the second – with the help of a built-in fan, which accelerates this process.

The Fansoil™ range features convectors with natural and forced convection. If you choose a device with a fan, then you win by buying 2 in 1, because the fan can be switched off and the convector will then operate on the basis of natural convection. When in doubt, our Fancoil experts will help you choose the right model based on the specifications of your room.

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