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Heat-exchanger Fancoil

The main element in the convector, since it is a heating element. Can be 1/2"(100x40 mm) or 3/4" (120x60 mm). Also, the range includes more powerful convectors with different heat exchangers: from 1 to 8 in one convector.

Вузол підключення для радіаторів

Connection node

The 6007 Series Connection Units are designed for installation in radiators with lower connection and 50 mm wheelbase. Angular and checkpoint shapes are available. Operating temperature 120°C.
Nominal pressure 1MPa.

Комплектр термостатичний для радіатороів Fancoil

Thermostatic set

Thermostatic kits Standard Mini series are intended for installation on radiators of the central heating. The advantage of the kits is that the radiator can be replaced without the need for emptying the coolant installation. The thermostatic valve together with the thermostatic head automatically regulate the direction of water through the radiator in order to maintain the set room temperature.

Тангенціальний вентилятор для конвекторів Fancoil

Tangential fan

Fergas tangential fans are most commonly used in fan coils, air curtains, and convectors. Among the advantages of such a fan: a uniform flat air flow, high efficiency (up to 65%), compact size and low noise.

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