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Термостат СН 110

Electronic room thermostat CH 110

Regulation of heating and air conditioning systems.
Visualization of temperature in C° or F°.
Control with the display combined with the front buttons.
Mode of operation: comfort, economy, Off.
Color: white, silver, black.

Термостат СН 180

Electronic room thermostat СН 180

Measurement and regulation of temperature by means of the sensor. Management of 1 and 3-speed fans.
Visualization of temperature in C° or F°.
Weekly programming capability.
Color: white, silver, black.

Термостат Майкон

Room thermostat Mycond

This thermostat allows you to control the room temperature. Compatible with 3 speed fans.
Sensor and programming for 4 periods.
It is possible to order square or round model.

Трансформатор для конвекторів Fancoil

Transformer (from 220v to 12 or 24v)

Transformer with integrated fan control board. Works in conjunction with room thermostat.
Power: 35, 70, 150 and 300 W for 12V fan; 30, 45, 75, 120 W for 24V fan.

Термоголівка дл радіаторів Fancoil

Thermostatic head

Thermal heads are designed for automatic control of the temperature in the room, which helps to create comfortable conditions and save thermal energy, and therefore your costs by about 25%.
Color – white.

Сервопривід для конвекторів Fancoil

Fancoil-Schlosser 24V servo drive

Designed for automatic control of coolant flow in the heat exchanger.
Color – white.

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